The Force Unleashed II

Just when I thought I’d never have time to finish all the games I currently have, io9 reports that there’s a new trailer for The Force Unleashed II.

I love the first one (thanks, Mike!) but I’ve never played it to completion. I wonder if that’s because you can’t die in the game? Will the second be better? Like Assassin’s Creed 2 is better than the original? I hope so!

Arkham Asylum 2

Great, I’ve only played the PS3 demo for the first Arkham Asylum, and they’re already announcing the sequel!

Thanks, Major Spoilers – at least I know what I’ll be requesting for my next birthday!

Joker Fatality

We’ve had a bunch of posts about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but this one is getting me the most excited for the game. Here’s an overview of all the Joker’s moves, plus his fatality!

Thanks to BamKaPow!

The Force Unleashed

There are ton of trailers for the upcoming The Force Unleashed game over at Here’s one …

This game … might JUST might reinstill some love for Star Wars. With the terrible reviews the Clone Wars movie is getting, I must admit I’m losing faith. Thankfully, I never read the Dark Side Bible up to the point of midichlorians, so I can remain blissfully naive of those affronts to my Dark Side. Linkage thanks to Penny Arcade.