DNA Microarrays

Here are some interesting web sites and papers which will introduce you to one of the more exciting technological beakthroughs in genomics -- DNA microarrays. This site is far from a comprehensive listing, but it may be a good place to start. This page started in 1999 and now that I have a real job, its a little harder to keep it up to date. However, I'm going to give it the old 'college try'. If you know of any sites which belong here or have any additional information please let me know. - Andreas

The Genetic Science Learning Center has recently completed a very cool interactive online DNA microarray biotechniques lab here

Information on the Third International Meeting on Microarray Data Standards, Annotations, Ontologies and Databases

Stanford has some PowerPoint presentations from a recent meeting

Please check out:

The ABRF Microarray Survey at Cornell University.

Introductory Information:

The following links will give you a brief overview of DNA microarrays, they are mostly papers in the (somewhat) popular press:

An article at Cold Spring Harbor labs gives a nice overview

An article entitled "MicroArrays in the New Millenium, Part I" from Bioresearch online which is a brief review of the types of technologies used in making DNA chips.

Here's an article in The Scientist by Bob Sinclair which is a nice introduction to the technologies used in creating arrays and some of the commercial products available to analyze the data.

Another article in The Scientist which focuses on measuring expression.

A third article from The Scientist discusses using Mathcad to analyze microarray data.

Here's an article on the NIH Microarray User Group Mini-Symposium from biomednet.

This page is a homepage of a Stanford University Med Student involved with microarrays


Here's an article from The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News

Here's another article, this one explains how DNA is attached to the chips

Detailed information:

The following are mostly homepages of laboratories which have built succcessful MicroArrays:

The Brown lab at Stanford University has extensive information on expression array chip design and use. They even have a forum whre people who are trying to make their own microarrays can look for help.

The Functional Genomics site at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has information on their printer and scanner

The National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH has their own Microarray Project

The Ward Lab at the University of Arizona uses microarrays for the analysis of C. elegans sperm gene expression.

The Leroy Hood lab at the University of Washington, Seattle

Paul T. Spellman's Home page

An Introduction to DNA Microarray Technology -- an online talk by Alan J. Robinson

Vivian Cheung's Lab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Drosophila DNA Microarray Homepage at Stanford Medical

The Microarray Centre at the Ontario Cancer Institute.

DNA Microarray Services at Yale Med.

Gene Expression Technology Group at Wake Forest School of Medicine

The Center for Gene Expression Profiling at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University -- includes some protocols.

The Xenopus Microarray Team at The Rockefeller University

Software - Bioinformatics for DNA Microarrays:

As a computational biologist who enjoys sitting in front of the computer more than sitting in the lab, I am interested in seeing how people tackle the very difficult problem of analyzing the large amount of data that microarray experiments produce. Here are some groups that I know of who are tackling this problem:

DRAGON at Johns Hopkins

TIGR ArrayViewer from The Institute for Genomic Research

Michael Eisen's software at Stanford -- includes ScanAlyze, Cluster and TreeView.

Scanalytics' MicroArray Suite

LION Bioscience's arraySCOUT

NHGRI's ArrayViewer Java Applet

NHGRI's database design for microarray data

The GATC consortium


Imaging Research

Art Owen's Plaid model software at Stanford.

AMADA (Analyzing Microarray Data) from Dr. Xuhua Xia, University of Hong Kong

Statistical Methods and Analysis at the Arabidopsis Functional Genomics Consortium

DNA Array Analysis Tools at the CNIO Bioinformatics Unit

Links and more links including listservs and newsgroups:

The following sites have links to other array information

WWW Virtual Library: (Botany) Plant-Arrays

The PlantArrays e-mail message archive at Stanford

Leming Shi's Gene-Chips.com

Genemachines' links page

Nanogen's links page

Dr. Bernd Weisshaar's links page at the Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung in Köln, Germany

Large-Scale Gene Expression and Microarray Links and Resources by Alan Robinson

Information about the "Gene-Array" listserv

NIH's microarray project's list of links

This page has Japanese Links to microarray projects

Gene Chip Microarray Protocol Websites

The egroup for microarrays

Resources for microarray technology maintained by Ruth Alscher at Virginia Tech

biocompare.com - The Consumer Guide for the Life Scientist

Microarrays Horizon Press' page for microarrays.

Industrial information:

There are many efforts to make DNA microarrays by industry:

Monsanto's Arabidopsis EST Microarray-DNA Chip Plant Biology Research proposals

Affymetrix, Inc., Santa Clara, California

Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, California

Applied Precision, Inc., Issaquah, Washington

Axon Instruments, Inc. Foster City, California

Biochip Technologies Freiburg, Germany

BioDiscovery, Inc., Los Angeles, California

BioRobotics, Ltd., Cambridge, England

Biospace Mesures, Paris, France

Clinical Microsensors, Pasadena, California

Clontech, Palo Alto, California

Corning Microarray Technology, Corning, NY

DNAmicroarray.com, ???, California

Exiqon, Vedbaek, Denmark

Gene Logic, Inc., Columbia, Maryland

Gene Machines Menlo Park, California

General Scanning Inc., Watertown, Massachusetts

Genetic MicroSystems Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts

Genometrix Inc., The Woodlands, Texas

Genomic Solutions, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Genpak Ltd., Brighton, UK

Incyte Genomics, Inc. Palo Alto, California

Lab-on-a-Chip.com, Suffolk, UK

Molecular Dynamics, Inc., Sunnyvale, California

Nanogen San Diego, California

NEN Life Science Boston, MA

Packard Instrument Company Meriden, Connecticut

PHASE-1 Molecular Toxicology, Inc. Santa Fe, NM

Point Technologies, Inc. Boulder, CO

Radius Biosciences, Medfield, Massachusetts

Research Genetics, Huntsville, Alabama

SciMatrix, Durham, North Carolina


Silicon Genetics San Carlos, California

Super Array, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland

Synteni, Fremont, CA

TeleChem International, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA -- includes some protocols

V & P Scientific Inc. San Diego, California

Vysis Inc., Downers Grove, Ill.


Click here to do a PubMed search for "DNA Microarray"

This list is by no means complete, it is merely a selection of articles which I found interesting and informative re: DNA microarrays. However if you know of an article that isn't here, please Let me know:

Nature Genetics has a recent issue devoted to DNA Chips.

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Affymetrix's list of publications.

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