Steam at Home

Steam recently announced their OS (announcement here) and now comes their “Steam Machines” – which you can buy in 2014, but you can also follow some rules I haven’t fully groked and get into the beta.

This is going to be interesting … Steam has changed the way I buy video games, and … tragically, they have changed the way I spend money on video games. I have steam games that I’ve bought on sale or through bundles that I’ve never even PLAYED, and, according to /r/games I’m not the only one.

Once this stuff is available on my living room TV, will the world change? We rarely touch the Wii or the PS3, and I’m not going to be getting the PS4 or new XBox, with kids, who has time? But I do occasionally go into my office and play around with Civ or an FPS or two just to unwind. With Steam Machines … do I need to get a TV for my office? Or turn the ‘den’ into a true Man Cave?

Time will tell….