Chewie USED to be cool

From the BBC

Star Wars’ Chewbacca is to star in Glee’s Christmas special, to be aired later this month.

Matthew Morrison, who plays teacher Will Schuester in the show, has directed the one-off which features a cameo from the character.

The actor told ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel that Glee had contacted Star Wars director George Lucas about organising a guest.

Morrison said: “It’s a tribute and throw-back to the Star Wars holiday special.”


Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

I can not wait for this show to start up again. The comics have been great so far … and, even if they are diverging from the original material, I think AMC has done a great job so far!

Star Trek Pitch

Ever wonder what the original pitch of Star Trek was to the TV Studios?

Now you can read it yourself! Click on the image to get the pdf.