World Cup 2014


The groups look pretty interesting … tough job for a German-American like myself – I’m obviously hoping that the USA and Germany take the group! But … I’ll probably be wearing a team Germany shirt.

Bu BYe Jagr


Jagr left the Rangers, signing with a Russian team. He spent almost 20 years in the NHL. Bu BYE.

RedWings win the Stanley Cup

Redwings cup

Detroit won it’s 4th Stanley cup in 11 seasons last night against Pittsburgh. Great game, great series. Pittsburgh is gonna be a serious force every season for a long time. But the veterans of Detroit won it in the long run!

I am a bit sad that Hockey is over, now I have to look forward to the NFL.

The Patsies are legend!


ESPN – New England vs. NY Giants Box Score, December 29 2007 – NFL Football

16-0 Patriots.  Never been done before. 

“Tom Brady set the record for touchdown passes in a season (50), Randy Moss set the record for touchdown catches (23), and the Patriots set the season scoring record (589 points). New England needs another Super Bowl trophy to make its case as the best team in football history.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Thanks, Boston Globe.