Band Name Generator

(Please read the following in your best internal infomercial voice) 

Are you ever stuck on what to name your band?  Well now it’s easier than ever with the new band name generator.  How does it work you ask?  Just go to the site and it will randomly generate names for you.  What if I want to put my own word in there?  You can do that too.

Thanks to band name maker, I’ve narrowed my band down to one of these names:

  • Adverse Ackbar
  • Ackbar Barbituate
  • Manufactured Ackbar
  • Manly Ackbar
  • Acceptable Ackbar
  • Ackbar Hobo of the Brutal Crocodile
  • Internal Infomercial Voice
  • One Reply to “Band Name Generator”

    1. Can you please tell me how these showed up?

      * First Emperor
      * Racer Emperor
      * Broken Emperor
      * Emperor of the Crocodile
      * Emperor Side
      * Blended Emperor and the Closed Lava
      * Emperor Purse
      * Scraping Emperor and the Sanity
      * Emperor Hurricane
      * Homosexual of the Independent

      Homosexual of the Independent?

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