DeathStarInc.com is your source for the Dark Side of the Force. Andreas and Eric (aka the Emperor and Lord Vader) are here to entertain you while we complete the plans for our orbiting space station. Once our mission is complete, we will rule the world and beyond with iron fists. In order to educate the masses on how to become members of the elite ruling class, we’ve established this website.

DeathStarInc.com (or DSI) has been online in one form or another since … 1999? I forget. I was in Grad School, it was a dark time. We have gone from a purely HTML website, to a Post-Nuke site to this WordPress site. Who knows where the next adventure will take us.

We appreciate comments on the site itself, or, if you must, via e-mail: amatern AT deathstarinc.com.

May the DarkSide guide you…