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Watchmen Saturday Morning Cartoon

I’d watch it 🙂 Thanks again, BamKaPow!

I’m a Marvel, and I’m a DC

My tickets are purchased for Sunday! Woo! Watchmen!

Thanks, BamKaPow!

New Watchmen Viral

I can not wait for this flick!

Watchmen News

From here. Thanks, Ackbar! Can’t wait for this movie!

Watchmen Trailer

Let’s see… too early to tell. They are taking a watershed graphic novel and trying to make it into a movie.


Watchmen in the can!

One of the greatest comics of all time – and the one comic responsible for getting the industry out of danger, is being released as a movie.  Watchmen is now done filming, according to


Will this movie live up to the hype?  Damn, I hope so.

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