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Blade Runner 2049 – Official Trailer


Looks awesome … I’m so psyched.

ENDERS GAME — Trailer – YouTube


via ENDERS GAME — Trailer – YouTube.

Excited for this but, as the Slashdot thread mentions … this is going to be a tough movie to make. The book was fantastic and will remain one of my favorites, but lets hope Hollywood does it justice!

Red Letter Media talks about Prometheus – SPOILERS


The 30 Most Rewatchable Movies


Mrs. Emperor found a post (here) that goes through the 30 most rewatchable movies of the modern era.

Star Wars is number 20, and there’s no mention at all of the LOTR movies. I personally think this is one of the most rewatchable movies:

What do you think? Did the list nail it?

SDCC’10: It’s official Joss Whedon to direct Avengers movie | Major Spoilers – Comic Book Reviews and News

There have been rumblings and rumors that Joss Whedon was all set to direct the Avengers movie for Marvel, and today he made it official at the Marvel Studios panel.

“The thing I love about it is how completely counter-intuitive it is,” confessed Whedon. “These people should not be in the same room, much less the same team. The very definition of family.”

I think Whedon should do just fine with this project as he’s no stranger to ensemble tales, and this may be his chance to tell his most epic story yet.

via SDCC’10: It’s official Joss Whedon to direct Avengers movie | Major Spoilers – Comic Book Reviews and News.

I’m still not too sure how good an Avengers movie will be, but at least with Joss at the helm I know one thing. There will be witty banter, and someone will die.

The team has had so many different members, I wonder who will be in the movie? I’d love to see Joss kill Capt. America – but I’d also be happy with Ant-Man getting the axe. Again, I haven’t been following too closely, I wonder what the roster is? Obviously, Thor and Iron Man will be there… and there will be some S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff going on, but what’s the list?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer

Looking forward to this one…

New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Thanks Major Spoilers!


Aren’t there *new* movie ideas somewhere?

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