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How Much Would it Cost to build the Death Star? | Centives


How Much Would it Cost to build the Death Star? | Centives.

Excellent article! Wish I had written it! Maybe we need to start a donation page…

The DeathStar Bar


Of course we have a bar! (Click to embiggen)

From here.

Sith Geometry Lessons


from here.

The Death Bar

Now that’s some cool soap!

Lots more on the website!

DeathStar Security

Obviously the latest version of our orbiting space station will have much much better security.

From here.

DeathStar Instructions


From here.

Death Star Costs Calculation


Somebody came up with the cost for the DeathStar. And, they got it mostly right. But, we have cheaper labor and a much better cost on materials.

Deathstar Brainstorming meeting.

This made me laugh! With all these movie and video game trailers on this site recently, I figured we needed a Star Wars post 🙂


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