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Scott has a great link to a blog posting about someone who has left WoW after being one of the SuperStars of that game.

I often wonder how the folks from the big guilds of DAOC feel now that they have left. How’s Kiamar? How are the folks from … omg I forgot the name of that mid guild on Guinevere that would cause fear in the Albs at the MGs in Emain.

Anyway, my obsession with MMORPGs is over, I still like to play, and I’m going to be playing on Tuesday nights … and that’s pretty much it. No more waking up at 2 am for an early morning RvR or PvE raid. No more waking up in the morning, walking to the PC and never leaving. Just a healthy, once a week or so habit. Maybe twice a week, you know, if there’s a good raid or something. When Warhammer comes out, it might be three times a week, Sunday mornings definately. Maybe I’ll log back into Guinevere and see if I can’t give Asgenar a good home there …. how bad would it be to finish those Master Levels. That new DAOC expansion is coming out … maybe it will bring more players to the game. I’m digging the Priest in WoW, maybe I should ….